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Authentic Raw Honey

Which is your favourite honey?

Multiflower Blossom

Sidr Blossom

Avocado Blossom


Smooth flavour with a subtle hint of avocado. 

Avocado Honey has a bit of a molasses taste that is rich and buttery. Comes all the way from Mexico. Made from the nectar of trees that produces avocados. It’s antioxidants and vitamins and minerals will bring necessary nutrients to your diet! 

Delicious, nutritious, therapeutic!

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Made from the nectar of various plants. Our Wild Multiflower Blossom honey comes from Mexico. Varies in colour and taste depending on the prevailing flowers. The aroma of Wild Multiflower Honey can range from mild to sharp and it’s colour can vary from light to a black tea colour. 

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One of the finest in the world. Comes from Yemen and has a rich, lavish and buttery taste. 

Made from Sidr trees in the desert of Yemen, has a limited time for production within the year. 

Rich in antioxidants and with an antibacterial effect, Sidr honey can be used to help combat colds. 

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Thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt, honey was carefully labeled with the kind of honey, the date it was produced and the source. The label also included the name of the person who sealed the jar.

Unlike today, there were no grocery stores. No expert marketers. No industrial processing. No fake food.

These days it’s important to know where your food comes from. The conditions under which it is produced. And the level of sustainability.

Experience the authentic taste of nature. 

Natural raw honey made by bees from local blossoms

across the planet.

To your good taste!

Ammar Sultan, CEO

Mystic Honey